Fearless Series for Women Study Guide


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Study Guide – a 5 week guide which accompanies the series.

The Fearless Series for Women Study Guide goes with the 5-week video series. The participant should pay for her own Study Guide to give her an investment in answering the questions which will help with processing the information and in the discussion. The participants will complete the chapter in the Study Guide each week BEFORE coming to the group that week. The participants will then be able to compare their understanding of the issues presented in the video with their understanding after having viewed the video. 

The Study Guide also provides the material for the small group discussion after each video session.              


In the series, women will learn about: 

The Prevalence of sexual abuse in America

The Problems that often present themselves out of the abuse a woman has experienced in childhood or adulthood.

The Priority for the Church to be involved in this kind of ministry helping women experience help, hope, and healing from the abuse.

– The Prevention of abuse in the home, neighborhood, and the church.

– The Pathway to healing.  What healing from sexual abuse looks like.

There is also the Fearless Series For Women Workbook, which is designed for women who want to move into a deeper group experience of Help, Hope and Healing, after the video series has been completed.

The interviewees:

Marnie Ferree, M.A., LMFT, CSAT.  

Marnie is located in Nashville, TN. where she operates Bethesda Workshops. Bethesda Workshops provides a place of healing for those damaged by pornography and other forms of sexual addiction. We offer Christian-based, short-term, clinical workshops for male sex addicts, female sex addicts, partners of addicts, couples affected by sexual addiction, and adolescents and their parents (from her website).  www.bethesdaworkshops.org

Lori Dravecky, LCSW.  

Lori is located in Colorado Springs, CO. where she is a counselor on the staff of Heart to Heart Counseling, founded by Doug Weiss, Ph.D. www.drdougweiss.com

Aimee Jackson, LPCC, NCC Mayfield Counseling Center, Colorado Springs, CO. 


Christy Martinez, Asst. Chief of Police, Grand Prairie, Tx.

Christy is a survivor of the 1999 shooting at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Tx. She was 16 years old at the time.  Her sexual abuse came shortly after that tragedy.  Wedgewood launched Christy into a career in law enforcement. Christy leads Freedom Groups for survivors at City On A Hill Church in Fort Worth, Tx.

Gwendolyn Jones, Founder, ARISE International, De Soto, Tx.

Gwendolyn began a non-profit ministry for other survivors after her own healing experience. At ARISE International, she leads women through a support group process to experience help, hope, and healing.  www.ariseintl.org

Denise Shick, Executive Director, Living Stones Ministries. 


Lindsey Dula, LMSW, Director of Program Services, Alliance For Children, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Janet Boynes, Janet Boynes Ministries

Janet founded Janet Boynes Ministries after her recovery from the hurt of sexual abuse. She is a conference speaker, author, and advocate for healing from sexual abuse.


Vanessa Elswick, Women’s Wholeness, City On A Hill Church, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Vanessa serves on the staff of City On A Hill Church, in Fort Worth, Tx. where she coordinates healing groups for women from sexual abuse, post-abortion recovery, and other issues that are specific to women. 

Jayme Coffman, MD., Director, Center for Prevention of Child Abuse, Cooks Children’s Hospital, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Shannon Etheridge, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Bestselling author

Shannon is a long-time advocate for sexual integrity for women. Shannon is a best-selling author. Perhaps her best known book is Every Woman’s Battle. She has authored over 25 books. She is Certified Life Coach, and a prolific public speaker. Shannon also conducts Woman at the Well intensive workshops.


Crystal Sutherland, Author Journey to Heal. 

Crystal is the founder of Journey to Heal ministries.  She is the author of Journey to Heal and she leads women through Journey to Heal groups for healing from the wounds of sexual abuse. She is a public speaker on the subject of healing for women who have experienced sexual abuse.

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